Goblin Mobility

I just added the WPtouch plugin, so if anyone with an iPhone or Android phone could look at this blog and let me know if anything needs to be tweaked, I would greatly appreciate it.



Dorothea Salo explains once more why she doesn’t have comments on her blog. I think she makes an excellent point: it’s her web space, she can do with it as she pleases, and she doesn’t want comments on her blog.  I can’t think of a reasonable argument against that and I think it’s silly to expect her to treat her website any other way.

It got me thinking about why I do have comments on my blog. And the cold, hard truth of it is: I like getting attention, and when people leave comments here, my self-esteem is raised a little more. Yes, I like having conversations, and comments facilitate that. But mostly, I’m insecure and I like the attention. So, there you go.

Secret Origin

Beth Tribe tagged me, so I guess I’m It. How did I get into blogging? Well, it all started back in 2001…

I was in Milwaukee, attending GenCon (this was before it moved to Indianapolis, obviously). I was hanging out with some friends in their hotel room, the conversation flowing like some kind of fast-flowing liquid, when it occurred to me that I was the only person in the room without a blog. My friends immediately began encouraging me to start a blog of my own. “It’s so easy!” they said. “We’ll even help you get one started.” (In retrospect, it was very much like an after-school special from the ’70s, only with blogging replacing cigarettes or LSD.) When I got home from the convention, I bought a book on learning HTML, registered the domain “www.goblin-cartoons.com” (the name vaguely had to do with how I saw my prose and poetry writing at the time, and I thought it was catchy), and began blogging. In library school, I stumbled upon Jenny Levine’s blog, which led to discovering other library-themed blogs. After I graduated and got my first post-degree library job, I decided I wanted to join the ranks of library bloggers, so I changed my blog name to “the goblin in the library.” And then, of course, I recently changed the blog back to the more general “goblin cartoons.” And that, my friends, is the story of my blogging (so far).

I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you read this and haven’t written your own post about how you got into blogging, go ahead and share your story with us.

Beginning Anew

Today, I somehow found some energy and inspiration for a blog post. But rather than post it here, I’ve started a new blog on the LSW site: Humbug! The idea is for it to be a group blog, with other members and me posting to it. But even if no one else posts to it besides me, I’m thinking it could end up as my main library blog. I think this website will be changing into something else. I’m not sure yet, and my personal life is too wacky for me to make any really big plans, but…well, we’ll see.

Who Is the Annoyed Librarian?

Time for me to fess up: Meredith Farkas told the truth when she said she isn’t the Annoyed Librarian. She’s not. I am.

I know, I know, everyone assumes the Annoyed Librarian is a woman. What better way to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes than to blog as if I were female? Better than slapping on a pair of glasses and claiming I’m not Superman.

And sure, I’ve slagged off the Annoyed Librarian in public, claiming “she” is nothing more than an attention hound, cultivating a loyal following while also maintaining an identity of “rebel” and “victim of the mainstream biblioblogosphere.” I’ve also said I don’t think “she” is funny. Again, how better to throw everyone off the scent than to disparage my alter ego in public?

People have been claiming lately they know the true identity of the pseudonymous (not anonymous!) blogger called “the Annoyed Librarian,” but they keep naming the wrong people. My misdirection has worked too well. But I refuse to let other people get the credit for my work, and so I’m outing myself.

I am the Annoyed Librarian!