Images of Monterey

Although I didn’t take as many photos this year at Internet Librarian as I did last year, and few of my pictures of the actual conference turned out, you can see the pictures I came away with in my Flickr set.

My coworker and conference roommate, Scott, took more and better pictures than I did. You can see them on his blog here, here, here, here, and also here.


Let’s Get This Show on the Road

Mickey Coalwell and I will be giving our Flickr presentation (“My Friend Flickr: Libraries, Pictures and Communities”)–the one that we gave at last summer’s NEKLS Tech Day–once again, at this year’s Kansas Tri-Conference in April. I’ve never been to Tri-Conference before, as a presenter or otherwise, so this is pretty exciting.

Things to Do With Flickr When You’re a Librarian

At NEKLS Tech Day 2006, Mickey Coalwell and I did a presentation on Flickr and libraries. (Here’s a gratuitous link to picture of us, just after the presentation.) Mickey strolled through a list of terrific ideas of ways libraries could use Flickr. Michael Stephens, with Mickey’s permission, has put the list up on his blog. I encourage everyone to steal these ideas. I know my library will.

Kansans Flickr

At the suggestion of Michael Porter, I created a Flickr group: Kansas Libraries & Librarians. It’s my first Flickr group (that I started), so I’m naturally pretty excited. I want to do what I can to help foster the community of libraries and librarians…well, all over the world, really, but I’ll do what I can right here in Kansas.

Right now, the group is about as small as a Flickr group can be. But in a few weeks I’ll be helping out with a presentation at NEKLS Tech Day on how and why libraries should use Flickr, and you’d better believe I’m going to inviting people to join up.